Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling Collapses From Water Saturation

What you see here is the result of water.  Ceilings were not designed to hold the amount of weight that water can put on it and as a result, the ceiling wi... READ MORE

Doctors Office Affected By Frozen Pipes

What you see here is the result of pipes that froze and then busted.  As the water spewed out of the pipe, it began to saturate the drywall ceiling which t... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling Tiles

Have you ever seen dark spots on the ceiling tiles that you didn't remember seeing before?  Those spots are a good indication that you have a wat... READ MORE

Water Damaged Lab

This Lab room located in a doctors office here in Charlottesville was just one of the many rooms that had been affected by affected by frozen pipes.  After... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

Here is another before and after taken from the doctors office that our franchise preformed water mitigation services to in January of 2018.  You will... READ MORE

Soot & Fire Extinguisher Dust Clean Up

Thankfully this customer was able to get the fire extinguished rather quickly which kept the fire and soot damage to a minimum.  As a matter of fact, ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation: Creating Negative Air

By creating negative air pressure during mold remediation work, our crew members are able to capture mold spores more efficiently.  Reason being is that by... READ MORE

Extraction In Action

This action photo of one of our crew members extracting Cat 3 water in a customer's unfinished basement was taken when responding to a water loss in Somerset, V... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors Part 1

If you have hardwood floors and they look like the hardwood floors in this Before Photo, something is wrong.Buckling or cupping of hardwood floors can be a sign... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors Part 2

In continuation of Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors:In this Before Photo, you can see the sub floor that was underneath the buckling hardwood floors.  Notice t... READ MORE