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Charlottesville Residence: Home Selling/ Mold Remediation

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Charlottesville Residence:  Home Selling/ Mold Remediation If the house you are trying to sell has mold, call SERVPRO of Charlottesville to Remediate! 434-977-5850

Are you trying to sell your house this spring?  We receive numerous calls this time of year from people who are trying to sell their house but need to have mold remediation done before the interested buyer will sign the contract.  SERVPRO of Charlottesville is HERE TO HELP!

Here are some things you need to know when it comes to mold remediation on the house you are trying to sell:

  • Address the Source - If the mold is coming from a leaking hot water heater, no matter how many times we come out to remediate, if the leaking hot water heater does not get fixed, the mold will keep returning.
  • Depending on the severity of the mold that is present, it may be necessary to have an Industrial Hygienist come in to test for the types of mold present as well as how high of a count of mold spores are present. Our general rule of thumb is if you have a span of more than 10 square feet of mold, you probably need to have mold testing done.  Having this information will allow us as mold remediators to take the necessary steps to get your home back to preloss condition.  The final step is to have the Industrial Hygienist come back out and test again to ensure that we have brought the mold spore count back down to an acceptable level. 
    • Fun Fact: Mold is Everywhere.  Click here to learn why we do not claim to be a Mold Removal Company but rather a Mold Remediation Company.
  • We do not test for mold. As a professional mold remediation company, it would present a conflict of interest if we were also the Industrial Hygienist that came in behind ourselves to test the site and claim it as being cleared.  We want to avoid any appearance of false test results in order to clear our own work.

Taking the 3 points listed above into consideration, please be sure to allow for enough time to:  Address the Source, Have both Pre and Post Mold Testing done, as well as the Mold Remediation Process.  We know a quick sell is important to you and your satisfaction in our mold remediation service is important to us.        

Water Categories: How Are They Determined Factor #2

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Water Categories:  How Are They Determined Factor #2 Charlottesville Residence: here is a second factor to take into consideration when determining the category of water

In continuation of Water Categories:  How are they Determined, here is the second factor to take into consideration:

Factor #2 – Examine the materials that the water has now come in contact with.  Even if the water itself was sanitary prior to spilling out, if it has come in contact with materials not considered sanitary, the water will not take on the characteristics of what it has come in contact with.  Take blown-in insulation for example.  Picture you had a roof leak.  Clean rain water would be the source but as it trickles down it begins to saturate the blown-in insulation before making its way to the attic doorway and dripping down through the cracks.  You would not want to drink that water would you?  Of course not, because you would be consuming particles of insulation.  So even though the water source produced clean water, the water damage would be considered a Cat 2 water loss.

Charlottesville Residence: Are You Prepared?

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Charlottesville Residence:  Are You Prepared? 2018 National Seasonal Preparedness Messaging Calendar created the 2018 National Seasonal Preparedness Messaging Calendar which outlines important points and information to keep preparedness as a focus all year. The piece highlights general preparedness key points as well as key preparedness points for each season. Having a plan, knowing how to respond, and being prepared during an emergency increase your chances of making it through safe and unharmed. So what are you doing to insure that you and your family are ready for whatever happens?  Do not wait until it is to late to be prepared.  Start preparing today! can help you do so.

For the month of May:  Wildfire Community Preparedness Day - May 5th




To learn more, follow the link below:

If Your Sub Floor Looks Like This Call SERVPRO!

3/22/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation If Your Sub Floor Looks Like This Call SERVPRO! Does your sub floor have mold growing on it?

Indeed what you see on this sub floor is that thing that no one wants to talk about....that's right, it's mold. 

So what caused this mold to begin producing on the sub floor like this?  Well, ultimately it was caused by a lot of moisture being present as with all mold but in this particular situation it was a water leak that started within the wall cavity from the level above and due to the fact that the home owners hardly ever went into the basement, it remained unnoticed for quite some time.  Eventually the leak worsened and became visible on the main level which prompted the home owners to give us a call and during our crew's initial investigation of the affected area, they discovered that there was more damage than originally thought.

If you are a home owner, be sure to inspect all areas of your home on a routine basis to help prevent unwanted mold damage.   

SERVPRO is #1 Again!!

3/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO is #1 Again!! SERVPRO is #1 in Restoration and #12 in the overall Franchise 500 for 2018

Entrepreneur recently released its 39th annual franchise 500 ranking, and once again SERVPRO was ranked #1 in the Restoration Services Category. The 2018 list marks the 15th consecutive year for SERVPRO taking the number one spot in the Restoration Services Category. Entrepreneur also ranked SERVPRO as the #12 franchise opportunity overall amongst other highly recognizable companies to land in the top 20 such as McDonalds (#1 overall), Jimmy John’s, 7-Eleven, Re/Max LLC, and Anytime Fitness to name a few. According to Globe Newswire, the purpose of the list is to use objective and quantifiable measures of a franchise operation to help would-be entrepreneurs identify franchise investment opportunities.  Entrepreneur states that the 2018 list turned out to be one of their most competitive ever and for the first time in 25 years more than 1,000 companies applied to be a part of the list. According to the Entrepreneur website, they consider factors such as: cost & fees, size & growth, support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability when compiling their list. In an online article by Globe Newswire, Sue Steen, SERVPRO Industries, Inc., CEO was quoted as saying, “SERVPRO’s financial strength and stability, growth rate, and system size all contribute to the company’s success, and by extension to the success of its franchisees. The commitment to excellence starts at the top and carries through to the service each franchisee provides to each and every customer.”

Tiny Nail In A Pipe Equals Big Mess

3/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Tiny Nail In A Pipe Equals Big Mess Even the smallest puncture in a water pipe can lead to a sizable mold damage if left unnoticed.

In this picture is the source of a rather sizable residential mold loss.  That's right, this tiny little nail that accidentally punctured a water pipe in the bathroom wall cavity caused excessive mold growth throughout several rooms in a house.  So how did it go unnoticed for so long?  Two reasons: 

One - The source remained unnoticed for a while because it started inside of a call cavity and the water managed to stay within the wall cavity on the main level of the home.

Two - After flowing through the wall cavity on the main level, the water eventually made its way out of the wall cavity and into visible space inside of the home.  This space being the basement.  However, in this scenario, it was an unfinished basement that the homeowners rarely walked through.

Eventually the water made its way through the wall of the bathroom making it's presence known to the homeowners.  Unfortunately by that point it was no longer just a water damage as they had thought but a mold damage as well. 

Check out our Before & After Photos Page as well as our Photo Gallery for more photos from this mold remediation and be sure to give us a call if you are in need of our Mold Remediation and Restoration Services.  

Here To Help - 434-977-5850 

Mold Remediation in Somerset VA

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation in Somerset VA Mold/ Water Damaged hardwood floors. Check out our photo gallery as well as our Before & After Photos to see more.

On Sunday September 5th, 2017 our on call crew responded to what sounded like a typical a residential water damage of which had just recently been caused.  However, upon their arrival, the crew began to see signs indicating that the damage had been taking place over a longer period of time.  Not only were the hardwood floors buckling but they were also discolored and had suspect growth along the edges of each plank of wood.  When going down to inspect the unfinished basement, there was a puddle of sludge.  This was another indication that the water had been dripping for a while and the water that puddled on the basement floor became stagnant and eventually turned into sludge.  

So what was the cause of all of this? 

The cause was a pipe in the bathroom wall cavity that had been punctured with a nail, most likely when drywall was being installed.

Doctors Office Impacted by Frozen Pipes in January 2018

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Doctors Office Impacted by Frozen Pipes in January 2018 Charlottesville's Doctors Office affected by frozen pipes in January 2018

Due to the extreme temperatures, January 2018 kicked off the New Year with a crazy storm event of frozen pipes.  Immediately following the freezing temperatures was a spike in temperature which caused all the pipes in both homes and commercial buildings to burst and spew water throughout.  We received such a high volume of calls that we had to call for help from franchises in other states (Florida and Texas) as well as have an additional 53’ trailer full of equipment shipped to us from our corporate office.  

One of the commercial buildings affected by this frozen pipe fiasco was a doctor’s office here in Charlottesville.  All 4 suites were heavily saturated with water which caused many of the ceiling tiles and insulation to fall leaving a rather large mess to clean as shown in the given photo.  To see more photos from this commercial loss that our crews re-mediated, check out our photo gallery page as well as our Before & After photos page.

Question #4 For Water & Fire Damages

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Question #4 For Water & Fire Damages Things we ask when you call in a water or fire loss.

Question #4 - Who is your insurance carrier?

We work with many different insurance carriers in our line of work.  Part of working with them is to make sure we are communicating with the assigned agent and/or adjuster in detail throughout the mitigation process as well as creating the job file in the format they prefer to see it in.  By doing so, the job process is able to run smoother which means the customer is able to get their life back to normal quicker.  Even if you are undecided on whether you will be filing a claim or not, it is still helpful for us to know who your insurance carrier is so we are able to have every aspect of the job prepared the way they prefer to have it in the event you do indeed decide to proceed with a claim. 

Question #3 For Water Damage Customers

12/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Question #3 For Water Damage Customers Got a Water Damage? Here is another question our office staff may ask in preparation to dispatch a crew.

Question #3 – On what level did the loss occur?

                It is important to know which level of your home the loss occurred on.  Consider the following:  If the loss occurred on the second level of the house it probably went to the levels below.  Sometimes it can be minimal such as only affecting the ceiling below and other times it can affect multiple rooms below.  In some cases, the water damage can start on the second level and run down the exterior wall all the way down to the basement and the main level not be affected at all.  Or perhaps the loss occurred on the main level and you have a crawlspace underneath.  If the water went down to your crawlspace the insulation may be affected and even fall to the ground with all the weight of the water.  Knowing what loss the level started on will help our crews bring the proper supplies and equipment needed to restore your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Check back in January to learn about another question we ask regarding water damage.