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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Warehouse in Charlottesville, VA

Not only did the water damage affect the offices of this business, it also seeped into the warehouse and the bathrooms. Water takes the path of least resistanc... READ MORE

Water Damaged Office in Charlottesville, VA

Employees came into the office Thursday morning March 3rd 2016 to find that water had saturated the carpets and was seeping into the walls, contents were affect... READ MORE

Water Damage in Charlottesville, VA

This Charlottesville business was affect by a busted pipe. Come to find out that the plumbing in this office was made of Polybutylene “Quest” Pipe. ... READ MORE

Bathroom Affected from Busted Pipe in Cville

This bathroom was affect from quest pipe that had busted in the wall overnight. Employees arrived in the morning to saturated carpets all throughout the office.... READ MORE

Flooded Warehouse in Charlottesville

On March 3rd 2017 at 6:53 a.m. we received an emergency call for a water loss at a commercial building here in Charlottesville. The damage was caused by a pipe... READ MORE

Charlottesville Water Damage in Jaunt Conference Room

Spewing from a busted pipe in the ceiling, water had made its way into the Jaunt Conference Room. Team members Ryan and Joe were quick to respond to the water ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Charlottesville

This commercial building had a pipe bust after the business closed for the day. Employees returned to work the next day to find standing water throughout the h... READ MORE

Busted Pipe in Charlottesville Business

This photo was taken from our technicians who responded to an emergency water loss. Notice the dark coloration in the first photo before the water was extracte... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Charlottesville

In the first photo you can see the affects of a pipe that had busted one evening after all the employees had left for the day. Once the pipe busted, it continu... READ MORE

Water Damage At Charlottesville Jaunt

We received an emergency call early one Saturday morning from Jaunt, a public transit provider here in Charlottesville. A pipe in the ceiling had busted overni... READ MORE

Lite Soot Damage in Charlottesville Home

The above photos were taken at a home here in Charlottesville after experiencing a fire damage in August of 2017. The fire was caused by a breaker box having a... READ MORE

Soot Damage Cleanup in Charlottesville

It is probably safe to say that the vast majority of people living in the Charlottesville area have acknowledged the fact that should their home have a fire, th... READ MORE

Fire Clean-Up Charlottesville

We all know that the reason we need to get as low as possible in the event of a fire is because heat rises also causing the thick cloud of smoke and soot, that ... READ MORE

Toilet Spew

On January 25, 2018 our emergency response crew responded to a sewage cleanup that occurred at a home here in Charlottesville while a plumbing company had come ... READ MORE

Mold Damage Caused By Nail In A Pipe

On September 3rd, 2017, our crew responded to what was thought to be a water damage that had occurred recently. As we began to investigate further, we discover... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors Part 3

Final Outcome of Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors:As you can see in these two photos, both the hardwood floors and sub floor that had been affected have been remove... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors Part 2

In continuation of Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors:In this Before Photo, you can see the sub floor that was underneath the buckling hardwood floors. Notice the di... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Hardwood Floors Part 1

If you have hardwood floors and they look like the hardwood floors in this Before Photo, something is wrong. Buckling or cupping of hardwood floors can be a sig... READ MORE

Extraction In Action

This action photo of one of our crew members extracting Cat 3 water in a customer's unfinished basement was taken when responding to a water loss in Somerset, V... READ MORE

Mold Remediation: Creating Negative Air

By creating negative air pressure during mold remediation work, our crew members are able to capture mold spores more efficiently. Reason being is that by crea... READ MORE

Soot & Fire Extinguisher Dust Clean Up

Thankfully this customer was able to get the fire extinguished rather quickly which kept the fire and soot damage to a minimum. As a matter of fact, our produc... READ MORE

Water Damaged Lab

This Lab room located in a doctors office here in Charlottesville was just one of the many rooms that had been affected by affected by frozen pipes. After the ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling Tiles

Have you ever seen dark spots on the ceiling tiles that you didn't remember seeing before? Those spots are a good indication that you have a water leak either ... READ MORE

Flooded Business in Charlottesville

On June 1st of 2018, this business was flooded with water from a busted pipe. Our crews were on site in less than 2 hours to extract all of the standing water,... READ MORE

Water Floods Into Charlottesville Business From Busted Pipe

This Charlottesville business had water damage all throughout including the hallway. Notice the coloring difference in the carpet when it is saturated with wat... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Charlottesville

This office here in Charlottesville was affected by water damage in June of 2018. Ironically, it was right in the midst of the major storm event Charlottesvill... READ MORE

Water Restoration to Kitchen in Charlottesville Office

This kitchen, along with several other rooms in this Business Building that is located here in Charlottesville, had been impacted by water damage. The damage t... READ MORE

Water Damaged Floors in Charlottesville Office

Water is quick to absorb into carpet and even quicker to spread over hard surface flooring such as the laminate floor shown in this picture. This can create sl... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapses From Water Saturation

What you see here is the result of water. Ceilings were not designed to hold the amount of weight that water can put on it and as a result, the ceiling will br... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Charlottesville from Heavy Rainfall

This is just one of the many basements that flooded due to the massive amount of rainfall that Charlottesville and surrounding areas received in May of 2018. Y... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall in Charlottesville Causes Basement Flooding

In May of 2018 we received an extremely large volume of calls from customers who's basements flooded. Many people who had been in the same house for 10+ years ... READ MORE

Charlottesville Flood Damage May 2018

As the heavy rainfall during May of 2018 continued, floodwater proceeded to flow into this house just as it did for many other homes in the Charlottesville area... READ MORE

Rivanna River During the Heavy Rain of May 2018

This before photo was taken on May 31st of 2018 which was during a major flooding event that Charlottesville experience. What was previously a quit river besid... READ MORE

Crozet Home Experiences Fireplace Puffback and Soot Damage

The above photos show a Crozet home where this fireplace has experienced a puffback, covering the surrounding hearth in soot. A puffback is often caused when a ... READ MORE

Gordonsville Home has Six Inches of Standing Water After Storm

The above photos show the water damage that a Gordonsville home experienced after a recent storm. There were at least six inches of standing water when our team... READ MORE

Charlottesville Home Storm and Water Damage

This Charlottesville home had its greenhouse flooded with mud during a recent storm. But SERVPRO of Charlottesville was able to remove the mud and clean the gre... READ MORE

Mud Flooded this Greenhouse in Charlottesville

Another photo from the greenhouse that flooded with mud during a recent storm. But SERVPRO of Charlottesville was able to remove the mud and clean the greenhous... READ MORE

Keswick Crawlspace Flooded with Water

During a recent storm, water was running off the roof and flooding the crawlspace of this Keswick home. The homeowner was concerned about the impact that the hu... READ MORE

Sewage Pump Failure Creates a Mess in Ruckersville

This sewage pump failed during a storm, flooding the whole basement in sewage. In situations like this, it can be hard to know where to start. In this situation... READ MORE

Concrete Dust Covers a Charlottesville Business

A sugar cookie recipe always includes the directions to add flour slowly as you mix it into the wet ingredients. If you ignore these directions and dump all fou... READ MORE

Concrete Dust Creates a Problem for a Charlottesville Business

Here is another photo from the business that was covered in concrete dust after a remodeling mishap. These photos are from the floor above where the dust origin... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in the Ceiling of a Charlottesville Home

While this homeowner was out of town, a pipe burst in their ceiling. The resulting leak caused the ceiling in the living room to collapse as well as additional ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Wooden Table in Charlottesville

Fire damage can be a tricky beast. Depending on what started the fire and how the burn progressed, it can leave a multitude of different kinds of damage on the ... READ MORE

Continued Water Damage in Charlottesville Garage Leads to Mold

After the very wet summer that we have had, this home has some repeated water damage in their garage. Unfortunately, while they thought they had handled it, a f... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage From Frozen Pipes

Here is another before and after taken from the doctors office that our franchise preformed water mitigation services to in January of 2018. You will notice th... READ MORE

Doctors Office Affected By Frozen Pipes

What you see here is the result of pipes that froze and then busted. As the water spewed out of the pipe, it began to saturate the drywall ceiling which then b... READ MORE

Honey Comb Clean Up

Normally we provide Water and Fire Restoration services but every once in a while we will get thrown a curve ball like we did the day we received a call asking ... READ MORE

Soot-damaged 'Packed-out' items from a Charlottesville fire

Before: Here is an example of fire-damaged household kitchen items; Two ceramic bowls, a metal tumbler, and plastic drinking cup. The soot has permeated into th... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos