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Charlottesville Fire and Soot Damage Pack-Out Restoration

Before: Here is another example of fire and soot damaged kitchen items; Two ceramic bowls, and two white platters. The bowls and platters are so blackened with ... READ MORE

Coffee Cup Pack-Out: Charlottesville Fire Damage Restoration

Before: This fire and soot damaged coffee cup was among other kitchen items in a fire pack-out. These were all sent to our warehouse for professional cleaning. ... READ MORE

Charlottesville Warehouse Fire Damage Restoration: This Happened to Us!

Before: Faulty electrical wiring between the bay doors was the culprit for our warehouse fire at SERVPRO of Charlottesville in April 2016. This photo shows the ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Warehouse Cleanup in Charlottesville

Before: Our warehouse experienced fire damage in April 2016 caused by faulty electrical wiring. It is said that 50 percent of businesses don’t survive a d... READ MORE

Cleanup of Fire Damaged Warehouse

Before: Our SERVPRO of Charlottesville warehouse and office experienced fire and soot damage from an electrical fire in April 2016. For the story about our pers... READ MORE

Soot Damaged Laundry Room Cleanup

Before: In April 2016 our SERVPRO of Charlottesville business suffered a warehouse fire. These photos are of the laundry room. Even though the flames never reac... READ MORE

Starr Hill pint glass packed out from fire damage in Charlottesville

Before:It is heart-wrenching to see a pint glass, from such an iconic historic Charlottesville venue, looking so dingy and soot-covered; A survivor of residenti... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Office Charlottesville, VA

Before: What a lot of people don’t realize during a fire event is how much soot is involved and how far the soot can travel. These photos are from our own... READ MORE

Fire-damaged packed-out items from a Charlottesville fire

Before:Here is another excellent example of fire-damaged kitchen items that were packed out to be cleaned at our warehouse in Charlottesville. This soot-begrim... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Warehouse Cleanup Charlottesville

Before: This workshop area was one small section of the warehouse fire SERVPRO of Charlottesville endured in April 2016 (For the enthralling story, click here).... READ MORE