Recent Before & After Photos

Continued Water Damage in Charlottesville Garage Leads to Mold

After the very wet summer that we have had, this home has some repeated water damage in their garage. Unfortunately, while they thought they had handled it, a f... READ MORE

Fire Damage Wooden Table in Charlottesville

Fire damage can be a tricky beast. Depending on what started the fire and how the burn progressed, it can leave a multitude of different kinds of damage on the ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in the Ceiling of a Charlottesville Home

While this homeowner was out of town, a pipe burst in their ceiling. The resulting leak caused the ceiling in the living room to collapse as well as additional ... READ MORE

Concrete Dust Creates a Problem for a Charlottesville Business

Here is another photo from the business that was covered in concrete dust after a remodeling mishap. These photos are from the floor above where the dust origin... READ MORE

Concrete Dust Covers a Charlottesville Business

A sugar cookie recipe always includes the directions to add flour slowly as you mix it into the wet ingredients. If you ignore these directions and dump all fou... READ MORE

Sewage Pump Failure Creates a Mess in Ruckersville

This sewage pump failed during a storm, flooding the whole basement in sewage. In situations like this, it can be hard to know where to start. In this situation... READ MORE

Keswick Crawlspace Flooded with Water

During a recent storm, water was running off the roof and flooding the crawlspace of this Keswick home. The homeowner was concerned about the impact that the hu... READ MORE

Mud Flooded this Greenhouse in Charlottesville

Another photo from the greenhouse that flooded with mud during a recent storm. But SERVPRO of Charlottesville was able to remove the mud and clean the greenhous... READ MORE

Charlottesville Home Storm and Water Damage

This Charlottesville home had its greenhouse flooded with mud during a recent storm. But SERVPRO of Charlottesville was able to remove the mud and clean the gre... READ MORE

Gordonsville Home has Six Inches of Standing Water After Storm

The above photos show the water damage that a Gordonsville home experienced after a recent storm. There were at least six inches of standing water when our team... READ MORE